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The Flexx

Headquartered in the heart of Tuscany is The Flexx. Our mission is to give active modern women a unique combination of everyday comfort and style.
The distinction of softness & flexibility.
The tradition of a family inspired by technology and innovation.
Shoes are not just a combination of their single parts but rather a delicate blend of style, materials, technology and craftsmanship.
The Flexx unique “stitch and turn” construction is made by stitching the upper of the shoe directly to the sole inside out (stitch) and then turning right side out (turn); finished by creating the perfect shape, ensuring all day comfort.
California construction
A completely handmade process that is made without the addition of any materials that could stiffen the shoe, providing it with the perfect smoothness and adherence of a glove.
Flexible air pocket soles
This shock absorbing technology gives a complete relief on spine and knees. It also creates the perfect microclimate for your feet, enhancing air circulation.